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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Meejilik is suitable for what age?
    Meejilik is recommended for adults over 18 years old.
    For pregnant women and patients with serious illness & medication, should seek advice from doctor before taking this product.


  2. When is the best time to take Meejilik? 
    It is best to take Meejilik before bed time. It helps your cells to rejuvenate and replenish better for another brand new day.


  3. How soon will I see the result? 
    Visible results can be seen and felt as fast as 20 days when used as recommended. However, it depends on individual's condition too.

  1. Meejilik 适合什么年龄?


  2. 什么时候最合适服用 Meejilik? 


  3. 有多快能看到效果? 

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